The Bill Saunders Guide Series Goose Call has an extremely high range in both tone and volume. I cannot stress enough the importance of this quality in a goose call. Repeatedly making the same sound without varying the tone or volume is essentially making a distress call. I also like the fact that this call is versatile enough to suit any level or calling style. It has excellent tone quality-it sounds like a goose, it is durable and is short enough to blow in a lay-down blind without muffling the sound. Having tried nearly every goose call that I have ever seen advertised, my Guide Series Calls are now my go-to calls- absolutely deadly on Canadas!



Dave Smith-Professional guide and decoy manufacturer

Bill Saunders short reed goose calls are the finest on the market. I personally own the acrylic and delrin Guide Series models. From the high-end hail to the low-end murmur feed call, these calls are flat “Goosie”. As a guide, I need a call that performs and that I can count on day-in and day-out, regardless of the conditions. The delrin call in particular fits that bill. I know that no matter the treatment it will never miss a lick, It’s my “meat call”. Another feature I like in these calls is the design. They look and feel as good in your hand as they sound.  Do yourself a favor and order one today.

Perry Northouse-Professional guide and owner Black Widow Decoy Heads

Bill Thanks so much for building this fine goose call. It’s incredible! Here are some pictures of me using your call and the success that it has brought me. Hope all is well and look forward to seeing you this fall in Colorado. We will put the hurt on the honkers.

Jim Arnold IV-Professional guide

In 1999, I bought the Guide Series Goose Call from Bill. After last seasons, success I swore it would be the only call I would ever use. That is, until I tried Bills Traffic Call. This call has allowed me to add more speed and volume to my arsenal of goose calling techniques. The Traffic call is the perfect compliment to the Guide Series Call, and both are necessary tools for my goose hunting success.

Every serious goose hunter should have Bills Traffic Call

Chad Semmler-Pro staff