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Hat with diamond Guide Series Calls Logo

Six-panel low profile cap with formed bill. Available in black, gray,NatGear, Mossy Oak

Hat with round Guide Series Calls logo

Six-panel low profile cap with formed bill. Available in black, gray,NatGear, Mossy Oak


Short-sleeved T-shirts

Available in gray, black, olive drab

BREAKTHROUGH- Short-reed Goose Calling with Dave Smith is an instructional CD for beginning to intermediate callers wanting to master the short-reed. It is a completely different approach to teaching, starting with an easy, five-step process for mastering the basic honk or cluck, then demonstrating all the sounds of Canada Geese with tips on how to achieve the sounds as well as when to use them in a hunting situation. Several methods are demonstrated for each sound including options of “ook” style (tongue anchored) as well as “too-it” style (tongue active), so the listener can judge for him or herself as to which they would like to learn and also hear the advantages of learning both. This is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to practice but isn’t sure what to practice.

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Full Moon Fever

A final Approach production. Rated as one of the top videos, packed full of great tips and valuable information that can help increase anyone’s success in the field. 60 minutes.

Out of Thin Air

A Final Approach production. The latest in the Final Approach line-up! Join the pros for an hour of spectacular in your face” goose hunting as good as it gets, while learning their tips and techniques in the field. You won’t want to miss this one! 60 Minutes.

Ultimate Waterfowler’s Journal™ – This waterfowl hunting computer software provides you with the ultimate tool for recording everything about your hunting experiences. It helps you track hunt location, weather, birds bagged, equipment used, and more. An extensive suite of painting tools allows you to easily diagram your decoy spreads. Its photo album feature lets you view photos, keep notes about the photos, and display all photos from a specific hunt. The season bag analysis report gives you a detailed review of waterfowl bagged, with summaries based on both location and species.