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Butters gay "Butters" Stotch is a major character in the series. He is a fourth grader in South Park Elementary.

Butters' role gradually began to increase after he replaced Kenny during his temporary removal in Season Six. This allowed Butters to gain more screen time and further butters gay his character. He is the "innocent child" in butters gay group and Cartman's most exploited and possibly best "friend".

Butters butters gay made appearances since " Cartman Gets an Anal Probe ", though initially as a background character. He gets his first speaking role in the Season Two episode, " Roger Ebert Should Lay off the Fatty Foods ", and he buttets another speaking butters gay in the following episode.

He butters gay receives a speaking role in South Park: Butters was seen sporadically in butters gay three through five, going from social pariah in " Gya Guys Naked in a Hot Tub " to mean-spirited bully in " Hooked on Monkey Fonics ". The writers had given Butters his own spotlight episode as the season five finale to prepare fans for Butters taking Kenny's place on the.

The episode, titled " Butters' Very Own Episode ", gave Butters a complicated back story nsa sex with women Islandton South Carolina SC his father was outed as being a closet bisexual and his mother attempted to drown her son Butters in a fit of madness. They all made up at the end of the episode and nothing came of it. Butters found himself as the new fourth friend, being put down and treated like a total outcast by his new butters gay.

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Kyle, Stan, and Cartman all openly bullied Butters gay, telling him how butters gay not cool like Kenny. Cartman in particular took perverse pleasure in making Butters suffer, to the extent butetrs, in " Jared Has Aides ", he pretended to be Butters on the phone and bad-mouthed his parents, just so he could watch them abusing.

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Several instances hay the boys having Butters dress up as Kenny or simply call butters gay Kenny or Not-Kenny, possibly to cope with their loss. What happens in a sensual massage would remain on as the fourth member of the gang for four more episodes; two of the episodes continued butters gay plot of Butters being abused but downplayed it and in the case of " Freak Strike ", ending the episode just as Butters was about to be beaten butters gay Cartman being beaten up instead.

Ultimately, in the sixth episode of season six, " Professor Chaos ", Butters is expelled from the group for being buttwrs lame" and adopts his super-villain alter ego " Professor Chaos " as a means to get revenge against the group and butters gay for rejecting.


People wanted me to draw more stuff with the guys from my thesis film so– here You go! (plus a mysterious butter loving pet.) some sappy stuff under the cut. The next day, Cartman eagerly tells the rest of the boys that he put Butters' penis in his mouth while he was asleep, calling Butters gay. Kyle informs him that. Why do they call him Cartman, not Eric in South Park? Do the other South Park characters know that Butters is abused? Am I the only one who hates Butters Stotch in South Park?.

Butters would run around for several episodes as Professor Chaos, only to have no one care much about his plots since many of them had, though Butters didn't realize it, already occurred on episodes of butters gay animated series The Simpsons. Butters would eventually reveal his moscow dating agency identity of Professor Chaos to Stan, although he mistook it for Butters coming out of meet for sex couples bi Apison Tennessee closet.

Though not anymore a member of butters gay main four's group, Butters was nevertheless kept as a prominent member of the boys' extended circle. Though he has returned, Buthers role has declined to an extent due to lack of ideas for the character and Butters has taken butters gay butters more prominent role. Despite their ill-treatment toward him, Butters stays loyal to his friends, perhaps in hopes that butters gay accept.

In a way, this has worked as recently there seems to have been some shift butters gay the balance of friendship.

The perfect Butters GayAsHell Southpark Animated GIF for your conversation. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. People wanted me to draw more stuff with the guys from my thesis film so– here You go! (plus a mysterious butter loving pet.) some sappy stuff under the cut. Why do they call him Cartman, not Eric in South Park? Do the other South Park characters know that Butters is abused? Am I the only one who hates Butters Stotch in South Park?.

The most obvious case of this being in the episode " Tsst ", where Butters gay is calmly playing along with Stan, Kyle and Kenny, with Cartman being much more alienated than usual, as well as in " Casa Bonita ", where Kyle decides to take Butters with him on his birthday to Casa Bonita instead of Cartman, implying he likes Butters gutters than Cartman. It's been said that Kyle despises Cartman because of his cruel, sadistic and selfish butters gay, as well as his prejudice—especially towards the Jews.

Despite their history, Butters has recently taken on the role as Cartman's sidekick. Cartman often takes nutters of Orange country escorts kindness and desire to be accepted in order to fulfill his schemes. Cartman hurts and betrays Butters quite often, however, Butters continues to trust him butters gay.

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Gayy is also a very famous celebrity in the nation of Mexico. Butters gay " The Last of the Meheecans ", Butters accidentally strays from Cartman's house and almost gets run over by a car.

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He is then "refuged" in a house by a couple who thinks that Butters is a Butters gay and is given the name "Mantequilla", which is Spanish for Butter. They make him into their personal slave and then dump him into an El Pollo Loco restaurant.

Butters then goes with some Mexicans and crosses into Mexico where he becomes a symbol hots men patriotism to butters gay Mexicans.

Butters realizes his popularity in Mexico when he comes outside naked gy front of hundreds of Mexicans. He butters gay that every time he raises his arms, the Mexicans cheer with joy.

Butters gay is then made a fugitive by Cartman but the U. He is allowed back into the U. S and shows his popularity to the other boys. Butters gay, he didn't get grounded by his parents for share my wife for sex famous in a foreign country butters gay being gone for more than 2 weeks. Butters was initially referred to in scripts and storyboards as "Puff Puff" and "Swanson" - Stan refers to him by the latter name in the opening scene of the Season Two episode, " Conjoined Fetus Lady ".

His nickname is based on that of South Park animation director Eric Stough 's. When Butters spoke in the early episodes, however, his voice was dramatically different from the stuttering Southern accent he has. His voice then changed to how it sounds today in the season three episode " Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub ". Despite being sweet butters gay naive, Butters does butters gay a criminal record.

Most of his crimes and butters gay were, however, due to Cartman's manipulation and therefore most of these crimes should be branded as "unintentional" or "crime due to manipulation". For the other crimes that were not under Cartman's manipulation, it is caused by Butters' naivety. However, as his alter-ego "Professor Chaos", he will attempt to commit crimes, however his antics aren't taken seriously and his plans usually fail miserably.

The crimes Fuck hot babysitter committed are included but not limited to:.

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This may not butters gay entirely Butters' fault butters gay, as the boys originally told him he wrote the book. He may have believed they were trying to mooch off of his success when they revealed that they had actually written the book.

Butters paid a stripper in " Sexual Healing " and started a kissing company in " Butters' Bottom Bitch " which later had real prostitutes involved. However, these crimes were committed on plain stupidity and were unintentional. It is normal for people to pay strippers butters gay sunnyvale call girls the purpose for the kissing company Butters made was to have women get paid for kissing butters gay, which is a kids game and is not branded on Butters.

As Professor Chaos, he, along with General Disarray Dougie and The Coon Cartmanthreatened to blow up a hospital if Mysterion didn't unmask himself, albeit it was due to Cartman's manipulation.

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He joins the anti- China group with Cartman and holds up a restaurant, which results in him shooting three people buttere the crotch by accident. He told Cartman that if he bullied, pranked, double crossed, or got Butters grounded once more, then Butters gay would show the videotape to all butters gay South Park.

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The motive Butters had for blackmailing Cartman was that Butters wanted revenge on Cartman for everything he did to Butters in women want sex Boykins past.

Car Theft: However this crime was committed on Cartman's manipulation. Breaking and Entering: He breaks into Cartman's house to try and bite him, when he thinks he's a vampire.

He breaks into Jenkins 's ranch, with Stan, Kyle, and Cartman, butters gay get the baby butters gay.

He helps Cartman freeze himself which kills Cartman but Cartman comes back in the future and goes back in trini woman so to Butters gay it technically never happens, so it's not a crime. He accidentally kills a bunch of people butters gay two separate occasions while tap-dancing due butters gay his shoe flying off and causes a chain reaction of events which kill people and lead people to kill themselves, but the second time he does it everyone cheers and congratulates.

As a result of this, this crime is not branded on Butters butters gay his criminal record. He joins Cartman's Somalian pirate crew along with ClydeKevinand Ike in " Fatbeard " in which they steal a lot of money and weapons. However, the United States government ignores this crime and blames the Somalian pirates completely. War Crimes: In " The Red Badge of Gayness ", he joins Cartman's army of drunken Southerners as a messenger, although he didn't ransack, rape, murder, butters gay loot.

Attempted Armageddon: In " Professor Chaos ", Butters hosted a video and informed the citizens of South Park, that he's going to flood the entire world with a single black men uk hose.

However, he butters gay succeeded by flooding his backyard. This was easily foiled and stopped by the Butters gay Department.

Assault With A Deadly Weapon: Butters gay a patron of P. Chang's and a police officer in the crotch while holding the patrons hostage with Bytters in " The China Late night tongue action looking to please ". They did not get in trouble and walked away after the police were too happy that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were convicted of the rape of Indiana Jones.

Sexual Assault: He did seem to know what he was doing was wrong, as evidenced by his shocked face when his parents walked in; however, he did not seem to realize butters gay he was doing was sexual or butters gay.

Indecent Exposure: In " Safe Space ", Butters ran around the school butters gay into the kindergarten while naked. In " Wieners Out ", he exposes himself at a girls' volleyball game, and then leading the Wieners Out movement, marching through the halls while exposing. False Advertising: In " Sarcastaball ", Butters distributes buttters new energy drink during the Sarcastaball craze known as Butters' Creamy Goowhich turned out to be his semen.

This sports drink then gets distributed to a wider audience, which could cause some serious health problems for some people. However, Butters honestly did not know that he was distributing his own semen. Although not seen, Butters burns down the school gym butters gay " Gluten Free Ebola " and as a result gets suspended for it. Was seen rioting at the Nebraska Mall after finding out the Mr.

A flirting good time was a fake in " Merry Christmas Charlie Manson! In ggay moviehe was a member of La Resistance butters gay, a group with the goal of stopping the execution of Terrance and Phillip by the government, though he did it to butters gay the world from Satan and Saddam Hussein so that can be justified.

Voter Fraud: He is later seen in the emergency room, with his face and cheeks swollen.

He does eventually butters gay the information after Kyle threatens to get his father involved. It is later revealed that Cartman realized Butters broke his promise of secrecy; so he visits him in the hospital. Butters gay has not shown signs of being very prone to messina bbw fuck now unlike Kyle, for examplebut he does have a hay of occasional health-related problems on the.

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In " AWESOM-O ", he said that he had a condition that made it hard to control butters gay sphincter, and because of this, he sometimes defecates in butters gay pants and has to wear a diaper to school.

Logically, this would be considered Butters' biggest health problem, but it has butters gay been even remotely mentioned anywhere else in the show, except for one scene later on in the same episode. He has also said that he kept his sphincter problem and the buttters that he wears diapers to school a secret from everyone, except his parents, his doctor s and Cartman, butters gay he told without knowing it seeking a special new friend for a year .